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Qu'est-ce que Griffin Land (GLAND)?. Toutes les informations sur Griffin Land

## What Is Griffin Land ($GLAND)?

Griffin Land is a blockchain-based, battle game that includes PvP and PvE modes on the Binance Smart Chain. Inspired by mythological characters, where each hero is an NFT. Depending on the game mode, players will receive rewards such as $GLAND (In-game token) and mystery chests containing other rewards. Players can play Griffin Land individually or join leagues and teams.

$GLAND is the in-game token which can be used for:

* Buying and selling Griffin Land Characters NFTs
* Buying and selling Character Boosters NFTs

## How is Griffin Land ($GLAND) part of the Griffin Art ($GART) ecosystem?

Griffin Art ($GART) presents popular types of mobile games that are integrated with the $GART token and the NFT Marketplace; allowing players to play, trade, use NFT items and earn tokens in the game. “Griffin Land” is the first game on the Griffin Art platform. Griffin Land ($GLAND) is created by the same team as Griffin Art ($GART) and belongs to the $GART ecosystem.

Griffin Land ($GLAND) in-game tokenomics:

* All token rewards are earned in $GLAND, and all items can be purchased from the in-game market in $GART and $GLAND.
* All $GLAND tokens spent in the in-game market create the prize pool to reward the eligible players.
* All $GART tokens used for the in-game market purchases will be accumulated and burnt.

Read more about Griffin Land In-game Economy [here](https://griffinnftart.medium.com/griffin-land-in-game-economy-cbc0be230a1)

### Griffin Land NFTs

Every NFT in the Griffin Land ($GLAND) game, either Characters or Power Boosters (character abilities), has its own unique intrinsic properties which are stored in IPFS and synchronized with the blockchain. All these items can be presented as traditional NFTs and can be traded individually.

The Griffin Land NFT collection is part of a limited-edition set and can be readily exchanged for any cryptocurrency.

## $GLAND tokenomics

$GLAND completed their presale on July 29, 2022 and launched on PancakeSwap (V2) on July 29, 2022 with 1 billion $GLAND tokens created at genesis, there will not be any other token generation event as GLAND is non-mintable. The liquidity is locked for 1 year on PinkLock.

### Who Are the Founders of Griffin Land ($GLAND)?

The Griffin Land project / game is developed by a group of professionals who have assembled around the concept. The team of experts (from several domains) which make up the Griffin Land team:

Yunus: Co-Founder & CEO, Busra: Co-Founder & Marketing Manager, Ahmet: Co-Founder & Software Engineer, Emre: Co-Founder & Community Manager, Emrullah: Co-Founder & Content Manager, Erturk: Co-Founder & Developer.

### Where Can I Buy Griffin Land ($GLAND)?

Griffin Land is available for trading on PancakeSwap (V2) with GLAND/BNB as the liquidity pair.

Griffin Land GLAND icon symbol

Griffin Land (GLAND) is a token issued on blockchain of BNB

Site internet: https://griffin.land

Documentation technique:

Gazouiller: https://twitter.com/GriffinNFTArt

Reddit (en anglais): https://reddit.com/r/GriffinNftArt

Bavarder: https://t.me/GriffinArt

Babillard électronique: https://griffinnftart.medium.com/

Griffin Land Explorateur:

Griffin LandGriffin Land market

1 GLAND = 0,002082731164238 USD (0.33%)
Capitalisation boursière:N/A
Volume (24h):72.368 USD
Approvisionnement circulant:Non disponible
Offre totale: GLAND
Classement de la capitalisation boursière:4018 / 10970

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